Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Women In The Word Wednesdays--February 7

Well, the book of James does not fail to disappoint. It is such a meaty book in the Bible. My shortcomings as a Christian are so obvious when I read this book. This week we have been reading in the beginning of chapter 2. It deals with partiality--which is not how God deals with us. God is not partial, but we can be and usually are. Usually when I read verses 2-4 of chapter 2, I am taken back to childhood. Especially as a child it is easy to treat others differently. There was so much peer pressure and I can remember being very much persuaded by what my friends or others in my classes thought. I was far too quick to judge other children by what they wore, who and what their parents were, and what other kids thought of them.
Yesterday when I read those two verses, we were up later because we were supposed to have a three hour delay for school (we ended up not going at all), so I gathered my kids around and read those verses to them and talked to them about not treating other kids differently for the reasons I mentioned above. We prayed together after that. I know it is a lesson that will need to be reinforced many times (since it is a lesson that I still need to keep learning over and over), but maybe all of us getting together on that snowy morning will make a difference.

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  1. Hi Frances

    What a lovely thing you did with your children! They're never too young to start learning how to live God's word. Our challenge is to keep them from becoming contaminated by the world, as Courtney so eloquently put it last Friday. Great job! God bless you and yours!