Monday, September 12, 2011

Bullseye Pizza



I LOVE BBQ chicken pizza!! Actually the first one I tried was a Lean Cuisine pizza and it was pretty darn good for a diet meal! I never could talk my husband into ordering one if we were out somewhere and I don’t remember how he ever did come to like them but the homemade kind using Bullseye BBQ sauce is the BEST!!!!

I usually make 2 pizzas but you can adjust the amounts to what you like…

2 pizza crusts—I have used pre-made in the past and they have worked well, but recently I have discovered frozen pizza dough at my local grocery store. It’s so easy-just thaw, let it rise, shape it, and pre-bake a little.

1 lb. or less of either grilled chopped chicken or shredded chicken (I usually toss mine with a little extra BBQ sauce)

1 onion, chopped and sautéed

1 container of sliced mushrooms from the produce section, sautéed

1/2 bottle, Bullseye BBQ sauce

mozzarella cheese (can mix with sharp cheddar for a yummy tasteSmile)

parmesan cheese



Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. On each pizza crust, put an amount of BBQ sauce that you would enjoy on a pizza (if you like a lot of sauce, put a lot of BBQ sauce!) Top with chicken, veggies, cheeses, and oregano. Make a bulls eye pattern on the top of the pizza with extra BBQ sauce and put the pizza in the oven until the cheese and crust is golden. Cut and enjoy!

Menu Plan for the Week of September 12

This is simply gonna be an awesome week…We started yesterday with our nephew’s birthday; Wednesday is dd7’s birthday (she’ll be 8 of course!), and we have an early release day from school for parent/teacher conferences (which means I still have to work but I will have a sort of workday in between conferences to plan and get my room back in order Smile )!
Monday: Bullseye pizza and salad with ranch dressing
Tuesday: breakfast for supper—scrambled eggs, hashbrown potatoes, toast, and fruit
Thursday: Mexican chicken and rice skillet and salad
Friday: Black bean soup with cheddar cheese and sour cream
Saturday: beef and bean burritos
Sunday: something simple or leftovers

Monday, September 5, 2011

Menu Plan for the Week of September 5

Having just filled two freezers with food, I have the unique problem of not knowing what to fix for supper this week—not because we don’t have any groceries, but because we have a variety! I love it!! Here’s the tentative plan.

Monday: eat out for Labor Day

Tuesday: shredded chicken tacos and black beans

Wednesday: grilled chicken with Normandy veggies

Thursday: shepard’s pie

Friday: Mexican rice casserole

Saturday: beef and bean burritos and Spanish rice

Sunday: something simple or leftovers

Freezer Cooking Results for the Weekend of September 2-4

When I thought about freezer cooking this weekend I really hadn’t planned on too much—a couple batches of chili, a batch of waffles, and my usual pb & j sandwiches for the kids’ lunches. I’m not sure what happened after that but this freezer cooking session just kinda sprouted legs and came alive! It wasn’t one day or even a day and a half—over two days worth of cooking!!

Here is the yield from this labor-fest…

2 meals worth of white chili

1 meal worth of regular chili

25 whole wheat Belgian waffles

3 loaves of whole wheat cranberry bread (one of which has nearly been devoured by our family for breakfast!)

2 batches of chocolate protein bars—16 servings

2 batches of carrot cake protein bars—16 servings

1 batch of cinnamon swirl protein bars—8 servings

12 sandwiches for the kids lunches—Thank goodness for the 4 day week this week! I ran out of peanut butter!!

10 cups of chicken broth (besides what was used in the white chili)

2 (2 cup) bags of black beans

2 (2 cup) bags of shredded chicken

2 shepard’s pies

2 bags of breaded okra (fresh from the garden—really, I hadn’t planned on this item but my mother-in-law called and asked if we wanted any okra and we of course said—YES!)

4 (2 cup) bags of white rice

2 lunch-sized servings of white chili

4 lunch-sized servings of regular chili


Let me just add…I am completely worn out!!!!! And yes, I did post this after 1 am—I just finished putting the last of the food into the freezer! Thank goodness I didn’t fix any more food because the freezers are packed to the gills!!!