Sunday, February 13, 2011

Menu Plan for the Week of February 14

Ok, well last week did not go exactly as planned. I felt yucky all week with some sort of sinus problem and we didn’t have school two days that we were supposed to but we did have it on Saturday.  Oh, and I didn’t have any pizza crust for the calzones and I didn’t feel like going to the store to get any. So…I’ll do calzones some other time, I guess. On to this week!
One evening last week I was thinking about what to cook for supper this week. I came up with a lot of possibilities, but I also wanted to lower my grocery budget for this week. I ended up printing out a blank calendar (from $5 Dollar Dinner Mom) and writing a menu in each box. I limited myself to menus that could either be made with no extra bought groceries or only needed one or two small items. I came up with 28 menus!! I was so excited. I have really been trying to stockpile sale items that we use regularly. I guess I’ve been doing better than I thought. Smile  I think I’ll have to do that every so often (it is not a monthly menu plan, just a list of ideas).
Anyway, this week when I sat down to write the weekly menu plan, it was very easy. I knew what I could make and still stay under budget. So, here it is…

Monday: chicken casserole and creamed corn
Tuesday: pintos and cornbread
Wednesday: grilled cheeses and pinto beans
Thursday: eat out (long day and evening at work)
Friday: pizza
Saturday: beef and bean burritos
Sunday: leftovers

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