Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Homemade White Boards

So...a while ago I received a comment on a post asking me to sometimes post about teacher-y stuff. Well, here is one of my favorite tips--actually two tips...
White boards are terribly expensive and I sure don't have the money to go out and buy a set for my class, but I love the versitility that they can bring to daily activities...so, enter the homemade whiteboard.
All it takes is a sheet protector (the kind that you slide a sheet of paper into from the top, not the side) and a piece of paper--it does not have to be white unless you want it to be :) You can write on the sheet protector with a dry erase marker and wipe it off just like any ordinary white board.
These are awesome! If you have a graphic organizer or a worksheet that you want students to do but you want to be able to re-use it, just slide it into the protector and voila---no laminate needed!
What exactly do you use to wipe these off with you ask...a used dryer sheet or shout color catcher (I cut them into smaller pieces so my stockpile last a little longer). These are also much cheaper than a class set of erasers---and you are recycling!!

A couple of tips if you are going to use this idea:
  • regular paper towels like the kinds in schools or fast food restaurants (the brown ones) do not make good erasers for these white boards...but tissues do
  • if ink builds up on the white board, just wipe it with a rubbing alcohol dampened paper towel or spray a little white board cleaner on it and wipe it dry

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