Sunday, June 5, 2011

Menu Plan for the Week of June 6

I went back to cycle 1 (for the most part) and had great success. As of when I weighed in Friday morning, I was down 20.1 lbs. I had gotten here once before a few weeks ago and just couldn’t make it stick. It was almost like I thought, ‘Ok, I've lost 20 lbs., let’s see how quickly I can put some weight back on.’ Anyway, this promises to be a hectic week of soccer practices and games, field trips, and our last week of school—not to mention we are getting ready to attend my husband’s graduation so we will be packing and cleaning the house…..

Monday: frozen meals because of multiple soccer practices and games after school

Tuesday: freezer meal (chili)

Wednesday: grilled fish and veggies

Thursday: baked turkey tenderloin and veggies

Friday: breakfast for supper

Saturday: freezer meal (lasagna?)

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I Married My Best Friend

Today, 12 years ago, I married my best friend! Yes, I know it sounds cliché and it was on invitations in a catalog at the time we were planning our wedding, but it is true. My husband is my “soulmate”. I just want to say, “Happy Anniversary Babe!” (We’ll get to celebrate when he finishes his basic and MP training.) Here’s for 12 more!!