Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Women In the Word Wednesdays-February 23

Wow, what I have been learning about in James this week really hits home—the tongue. We all have one but James is not necessarily just talking about a tongue; he is talking about what you say—the words that roll off that tongue. Are they Godly words or are they sharp, sarcastic words? I am afraid that too often-especially if I feel stressed-the words that roll off MY tongue are not helpful to anyone. It is definitely an area that I need to spend some time working on and praying about. I can act Godly, read my Bible, be around Godly people, and call myself a Christian, but if what I say doesn’t match what I do or what I profess to be then what kind of example am I showing the world? What about the lost? Are they going to say, “man, I really want what she has! I really want Jesus. Tell me about Him!!” No, the answer is no they are not. The little tongue can cause so many BIG problems. Gossip…angry words…slander…belittling…sarcasm…I don’t see anything useful so far in this short list. As Christians—LET’S SHOW GOD OFF!!!


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  1. Yes, our words have the power of life and death, especially to the people who love us. I also pray that my own words will glorify God.