Sunday, February 24, 2013

Menu Plan for the Week of February 25

green smoothies
baked pumpkin oatmeal
chocolate almond banana oatmeal
cold cereal for the kiddos

turkey meatloaf and broccoli
almond butter and peach sandwiches on Ezekiel bread
homemade "lunchables" with ham and turkey for the kids
leftovers from dinner

chicken fajitas with Ezekiel tortillas and pinto beans
pinto beans and rice
bbq chicken and roasted sweet potato cubes
scrambled eggs and bacon, Ezekiel toast
thyme-rosemary baked chicken and sauteed cabbage

carrots and hummus
homemade protein bars
matcha green tea
trail mix
navel oranges

Thursday, February 21, 2013

What I Am Loving Right Now...

  • Donut House Decaf in my Keurig
  • $1.25 for 1 lb. cartons of fresh strawberries
  • matcha green tea as a mid-day pick-me-up
  • my new highlighted hair
  • my recliner
  • Words with Friends
  • the 93 my daughter made on her last math test
  • the art projects that my other daughter makes for her daddy and me
  • my son's hugs
  • how my kids love reading
  • having my husband at home
  • HGTV
  • laughing with the kids in my classroom
  • my grandmother's doll sitting on my end table

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Menu Planning for the Week of February 11-Clean Eating and Mostly Paleo

green smoothies for hubby and me
Kashi cereal for the kiddos
strawberry and cream cheese wafflewiches for the kiddos
some recipe of baked oatmeal
slow cooker apple cinnamon oatmeal

homemade lunchables for the kiddos
baked potatoes for the kiddos
soup for the kiddos
leftovers for hubby and me

shrimp scampi and roasted broccoli
stuffed peppers and roasted carrots
meatloaf and bacon green beans
garlic pork chops and pistachio "couscous"
orange-rosemary chicken and roasted asparagus
steak burritos and spicy avocado salsa
chicken curry stew and roasted cauliflower
cashew-crusted chicken and zucchini ribbons

**many of these meal ideas came from healthy breakfast, healthy lunch, and paleo menus

I'm Back!

Wow! I logged on the old blog this morning and found myself looking at a publish date of May 2012 for my last post! Has it really been that long?
Well, I am back and I hope to begin posting regularly or semi-regularly again. :)