Sunday, January 23, 2011

What A View!

This was the view my hubby and I had on The Tail of the Dragon Friday.

We didn't see tons of snow, and we didn't see it all the way across the curvy mountain but what we did see was purely magical.

The snow was sticking to the branches and leaves on the trees.

The sky was blue and the sun shone on the snow in a way that can only be described with the word "amazing"!

Of course the road was heavily salted or we would not have been able to enjoy this view.

And..of course the water coming down the mountain and flowing over the rocks was beautiful.
Isn't our Lord truly amazing? He created all this beauty and more. I have often wondered how someone could look at all of nature and its beauty and be in denial about the existence of God. Sorry, but to me you just can't explain away what the snow brings to the view from my car going across this mountainous road.

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  1. Wow Frances! Those were amazing photos. I live in the Caribbean so I don't get to see snow, but I do hope to one day. And, yes, our God has made a wonderful earth for us to enjoy. I often wish that I could experience the change of seasons too. Here, we have the rainy season and the dry season.. that's it. I guess we all have to see the beauty in His creation wherever we are.