Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family Time

Well, my house has been a busy place the past few days. My husband was getting ready to go out of town for a while for basic training and we were trying to have some quality family time before he left. Since we live in a very small town, we drove two hours to one of our nearest big cities. What a great time we had at Chuck E. Cheese and the movie theater (we watched Tangled—yes, it was still showing).
We took the kiddos to Ichiban so they could watch the chef cook in front of them and put on a good show. Then we took them to Family Christian Bookstore and let them pick out a book. Did we overdo it that day—yes, we did. Do we spend that much every time we go out of town—no we don’t. It was a special occasion of the rarest kind.
Anyhoo, we had a blast!!
We were so proud of our oldest daughter at Chuck E. Cheese. Our preacher had preached a sermon Sunday morning about the Good Samaritan and about selfless giving and expecting nothing in return. Anyone who had been to Chuck E. Cheese knows that many of the games spit out tickets, which are fed into a machine that spits out a receipt and get redeemed for small prizes. We never stay long enough or spend enough for the kids to get big prizes there and much of what they get from there is candy or tiny toys that we don’t like them to get because they just make clutter in our home or in their bellies. DD8, with very little prompting from us, found a small boy and gave him all of our receipts. They would not have amounted to much split between three kids, but that little boy was able to get something very nice and left with a big smile on his face. She said it made her feel so good to do that and that she thought he didn’t have many tickets on his receipt. Oh the joys of doing something for someone else! I just hope she remembers for years to come how good that felt.

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