Monday, January 17, 2011

Cooking With My Girlies

On this week’s menu plan (previous post), we were having bean burritos and Spanish rice tonight. I was all ready to start by myself, which is how I cook most of the time. I had my onion chopped and then I got an idea—get the girlies involved. I started with my youngest girlie (we’ll call her dd7). She started stirring the rice and onions in the rice cooker which evolved into also stirring the rest of the ingredients in. She did a fabulous job!
My oldest daughter (otherwise known as dd8) learned how to properly use the manual can opener tonight to open the pinto beans. She is so strong Smile! She put the oil in the pan, sautéed the onions, smashed the beans and helped put the spices in the mixture.
It is so hard for the control freak in me to give away control like this—even though I know that I want my kids to be self-sufficient adults when they grow up. They will need to know things like how to stir the pot so that the food doesn’t fly out, how to open cans, how to be sanitary while cooking, etc.  This was one of those experiences that we will definitely be repeating often in the future.
The end result:
kiddies eating
girlie eating
three happy kiddies with full tummies. DD8 doesn’t even like pinto beans and she talked about how much she enjoyed her burrito! (My little man really wanted in these pictures Smile)

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