Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Adoption Story—Part 3

Well, after the kids had lived with us for about three weeks it just seemed like they had been with us from the beginning. Everyone got along fairly well. We had put a (temporary) end to the “fit pitching” that the little girl did. The little boy had been forever squealing at the top of his lungs—not a good thing when you have a commute! He had finally stopped that. Everything was going well. I should say here that the kids came to us the day before Halloween of that year. Yes, we even took them trick-or-treating! Everything was going swimmingly at the Brooks household until right before Christmas—we were informed that the parents wanted a visitation. We really did not know what to think about this. They were family—but they were the kids’ parents. It was all very awkward.

The first visitation was Christmas Eve. It was supervised—not by us. When we dropped them off the little boy was very hesitant to go to his parents. He cried. The little girl was somewhat hesitant at first, then fine. They got some small presents and a lot of junk food. We had sent them in new outfits (we learned our lesson!) and they came back filthy. We noticed a change in behavior right after the visit. The little boy was very clingy and whiny.

The next visit was nearly a month later. I don’t understand why. Anyway, it was the beginning of a lot of pain for us and the children—our daughter included!


The previous parts to this story can be viewed by going to archives.

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  1. New follower from the hop today. I want to be a 3rd grade teacher, I hope you blog about teaching sometimes so I know what it's really like : ) Happy Friday

  2. Now I want to go back and read the beginning of the story! Sounds like your family has been through quite a bit. i am your newest follower from the Friday blog hops. Love your blog! You can find me at:

    Have a great day! :-)