Sunday, May 6, 2012

Menu Plan for the Week of May 7

We are super busy this week. I am finishing up on a digital photography class, we are doing girls on the run, girl scouts, 4-H, and end of grade testing this week! Whew! It makes me tired just typing all of that!
I just finished inventorying our freezers and have decided that we can do a pantry challenge this month--freezers are full. I hadn't realized that we had so much food in there! It's been a while since I menu planned unfortunately.
So, here's the plan...

oatmeal packets (pantry)
banana peanut butter smoothies (freezer)
whole wheat cranberry bread (freezer)
scrambled eggs (fridge) and turkey sausage links (freezer)
homemade waffles and biscuits with honey (freezer clean-out)
Ezekiel English muffins (freezer)

various frozen lunch meals (freezer)
peanut butter sandwiches (pantry, might have to buy some bread)
chicken noodle soup (pantry)
taco soup (freezer)
garlic and olive oil pasta (pantry)
turkey and ham sandwiches with American cheese (fridge and pantry)

turkey tacos, black beans (freezer and pantry)
chicken and rice bake (freezer) and sauteed spinach (fridge)
grilled tilapia and normandy veggies with pesto (freezer)
spinach and cheese bites (freezer), white rice (freezer), and green beans (pantry)
grilled London broil (freezer) and spinach artichoke pasta (freezer)
turkey burgers on flat bread rolls (freezer) and baked beans (pantry)

pretzels (pantry)
protein bars (pantry)
go-gurts (freezer)
spinach artichoke dip with pita bread (freezer)
blueberries (freezer)
Kashi granola bars (pantry)
applesauce (fridge)
cheese sticks (fridge)
fruit leather strips (pantry)

Feeling good about this! :)

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