Sunday, February 10, 2013

Menu Planning for the Week of February 11-Clean Eating and Mostly Paleo

green smoothies for hubby and me
Kashi cereal for the kiddos
strawberry and cream cheese wafflewiches for the kiddos
some recipe of baked oatmeal
slow cooker apple cinnamon oatmeal

homemade lunchables for the kiddos
baked potatoes for the kiddos
soup for the kiddos
leftovers for hubby and me

shrimp scampi and roasted broccoli
stuffed peppers and roasted carrots
meatloaf and bacon green beans
garlic pork chops and pistachio "couscous"
orange-rosemary chicken and roasted asparagus
steak burritos and spicy avocado salsa
chicken curry stew and roasted cauliflower
cashew-crusted chicken and zucchini ribbons

**many of these meal ideas came from healthy breakfast, healthy lunch, and paleo menus

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