Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Going to Letterland

Well,I just returned from a two day workshop on implementing Letterland in my second grade classroom. It's always good to have the "bonding" time with colleagues that I work so closely with but this was a great workshop too. We had such an enthusiastic presenter--which is a definite plus if you don't sleep well in a different place like me and you tend to get super tired after lunch at workshops and such.
I taught using Letterland at the previous school system I worked in but the system I work for now is going to be implementing it in second grade starting this year. It's exciting because I know that it is a good program and it works.
In case you don't know, Letterland is a systematic, research-based phonics approach. Each letter has characters who represent the letter and its sounds--since we all know that the letters make different sounds in different words! :) There is a story for each different spelling pattern and it's easy for the kids to remember. They really enjoy "going to Letterland".
The program begins in pre-school and continues through second grade. Our emphasis is going to be on spelling in word study units with more complex spelling patterns. We'll sing songs, act the stories out, work on the computer program, and learn--all at the same time.
If you are interested, they have a website--
I don't how it would be to use if you are homeschooling or if it is at all designed for it; I've just never taught it to a few kids. I will say that I have a storybook about all the characters a-z and my kids have been know to sneak it off the bookshelf in my bedroom a time or two lol!

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