Friday, March 1, 2013

Freezer Cooking Plans for March 2

Tomorrow will be the first freezer cooking day that I have attempted in a while. I have put things in the freezer here and there but I really want enough fixed for a week or more so that we will eat at home each night. My goal this month in the food department is to buy quality meat and produce and eat them at home. I want to save some money...vacation time is around the corner :)
I guess really I could call tomorrow a freezer cooking/ prep day. I have some fruit veggies I want to get ready for the week. Clean eating doesn't happen here if I don't prepare for it!
Here is the plan:
  • cut and half strawberries
  • make hummus
  • cut chicken and season for fajitas and stirfry
  • cut onions and peppers for fajitas
  • make and freeze meal size portions of brown rice
  • boil some eggs for the next few days
  • season beef roast for the freezer
  • make pumpkin baked oatmeal, slice and freeze
  • make banana chocolate chip oatmeal, slice and freeze
  • make homemade protein bars
Hopefully I will have some little helpers tomorrow and hopefully I won't fizzle out before I get finished.

**some recipes adapted from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures, (Jamie Eason's recipes), and Biggest Loser recipes

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