Sunday, November 27, 2011

Menu Plan for the Week of November 28

So…it’s been a while since I posted my weekly meal plan. I have been meal planning…the plans just haven’t made their way to the blog…After our feasting on Thanksgiving and living on the leftovers of that feast for the days after, I have decided that I want to cook again lol. Seriously, after all the cooking we did for our Thanksgiving meal, I thought I would never cook again (and it was potluck!). We did all the deserts and my husband and I came up with some pretty lofty plans that included two different cheesecakes , a gingerbread cake, a spice cake, and a trifle---all from scratch. I’m tired just typing that! Having typed all that, I don’t think that any of these meals are going to seriously strain me in any way. The spicy refried bean soup is a recipe I just came across and it looked so good on the blog I decided we needed to try it. The ingredients were cheap and I love a bean soup-yummy!


Monday: Spicy refried bean soup

Tuesday: scrambled eggs and hashbrowns

Wednesday: turkey burgers on whole wheat buns with sprouts and avocado, roasted sweet potatoes

Thursday: crescent chicken, creamed corn, green beans

Friday: homemade pizza night

Saturday: Christmas party

Sunday: some sort of soup or chili



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