Saturday, October 15, 2011

Freezer Cooking Results for October 15

This month I did my freezer cooking a little different. I followed a lot of the recipes from the traditional menu at Once a Month Mom. I also found one recipe from the whole foods menu that sounded awesome. I shopped yesterday (dreading the check-out line the whole time) and was pleasantly surprised when the total wasn’t bad at all!! I chopped lots of veggies last night and cooked some of the chicken last night and had it ready to go for today. Having done that, I still cooked all day. I finally got done with cooking and packaging 9 1/2 hours later! I am pretty sure it wasn’t supposed to take me that long but this is quite an accomplishment for me because I am usually not done that fast and I don’t have nearly as large a yield of food. Everything that my family and I sampled was scrumptious…especially the muffins and the pasta!!!

Here’s the complete list of items making my freezers bulge right now:

  • over 5 dozen pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
  • over 3 dozen harvest pancakes
  • 3 meals of spinach artichoke pasta
  • 1 meal of chicken and wild rice soup
  • 1 meal of taco soup
  • 2 meals of Monterrey chicken
  • 4 meals of Mexican chicken lasagna
  • 1 meal of seasoned taco meat
  • 3, 3 cup containers of chicken broth
  • 5 lunch portions of taco soup
  • 9 lunch portions of chicken and wild rice soup
  • 3 meals worth of salsa chicken

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